Hair Menu a Bespoke Wig Studio . We are one of if not the largest in the Malaysia Including full wigs, half wigs, wiglets, hairpieces, toupee, topper,authentic Geisha, historical, period, modern, character, gothic. legal and much more.

We are frequently called upon by the fashion industry for our hair enhancement techniques and also by film and musical production to make wigs, facial hair and eyebrows for film, stage, and entertainment. We design and make wigs and hair pieces using up to the minute technique and materials, including some of the tricks of the film industry. We dedicate to the art of handcrafted wigs, hoping to improve the lives of people affected by hairloss. We also adapt ready made wigs a less expensive and faster alternative. Our hair wigs gives natural lift and bounce just like a real head of hair.

We have our atelier set in a private , tranquil and discreet location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s been carefully designed to ensure that everyone who visits feels welcome, respected and able to talk in confidentially.


Our Bespoke Wig Studio is founded by one of the most sought-after Session Stylist ~ DAVID SHAW who has over 25 years experiences celebrated both locally and internationally as visionary hair and wig “architect”. He has been utilized by celebrities, top photographers, film directors , top fashion designers, TV, magazines , musical theatre , fashion shows for designer’s brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada, Celine, Mont Blanc and many more....

His work has also led him jetsetting around Asia to rub shoulders with well-known Hong Kong celebrities such as Christy Chung, Qi Qi, Simon Yam, Fung Bo Bo and more, as well as Malaysia's local celebebrities Nora Danish, Ayda Jebat, Camelia, Dayang Nurfaizah, Faziah Latiff and more ; Fashion designers Bernard Chandran, Tom Abang Saufi, Jimmy Choo , Rizalman, Farah Khan , Rizman Ruzaini , Sonny San, & more...

Although David has enjoyed hairdressing for over 25 years now, he’s still very passionate about all aspects of hairdressing – the more challenging the better, the biggest thrill he gets is to see his proud creations admired by many, as seen strutting down the runway (local and internationally), appearing in glossy magazines, high-end brand campaigns, advertisements, film... – you name it, David has conquered it all.

With the reputation continue to grow , he earned the trust of many oncologists and medical physicians who seek his expertise as well. He gained recognition as a Medical Wig Specialist ~ with his expert eye, great experience and incredible skill. You will be impressed with his magical hand ~ who’ll fulfill your wish to look like yourself again !

His partner Hazel Wong , who is well trained in London, U.K as a wig maker for hand-make knotting bespoke wig. She was trained using British traditional hand –tied skill for wig making. She makes wig using super fine, light yet strong foundation ~ this takes many hours of intricate and detailed work, it gives natural lift and bounce just like a real head of hair. Hazel has kept close to her heart her real interests and genuine regard for wigmaking and the services such skills can provide medicinal and personal wigs.

David Shaw


We can fulfil your wish to look like Yourself again!

Your hairstyle is your own personal statement and says so much about you. We know you want a wig to match your personal style. We have been hair loss specialists and wig experts for over 25 years, our wigs are carefully tailored to fit you. It can be straight, movement, waved or culy and is hand blended to match color and texture in the required length.
For those who is under medical condition whether due to Alopecia , Chemotherapy for cancer treatments or any hairloss reasons, we know it will be very tricky to get a wig especially a nice wig that give you natural look. Most of the time, Doctors don’t explain what is happening to their hair, how fast it will fall out or how to care for their scalp. They’ll say, “ You are going to lose your hair during this treatment. You might want to get a wig.” So people walk in like a deer looking at headlights. We let them know that our job is to make you to look like you again.

Our wigs had natural lift and bounce just like real head of hair. ~ just as if it was your own hair.

" A Wig is like another Ray of Hope "

We’re here to help our clients restore their appearance and their confidence – but that doesn’t look the same for every clients. That’s why we always begin with a careful evaluation ,in a private and comfortable setting.


Celebrity-worthy Makeover

Led by Celebrity Hair Wig Master

Tailor Made

Our wigs are carefully tailored to fit you. We know You want a Wig to match your personal style , our wigs had natural lift and bounce just like real head of hair. ~ just as if it was your own hair.

Master Craftmanship

Wigs are intricately customized with detailed works. Our private atelier led by a well-known Celebrity Hair Wig Master who has over 25 years experience in the industry . He has expert eye yet incredible skills with great sense of beauty. ~ who’ll fulfill your wish to look like yourself again.


Our Services

Fashion Wigs for fashion runway. Wedding Hair-do and Bespoke Bridal Hair Wig Styling. Character & Custom Wigs for Film, TV, Theatre, Musical. Personal Wig for hairloss problem or Alopecia. Medical Wigs for cancer patients who undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Hair-do & Wig Styling Family Portrait. Men and Female Pattern Hair Loss. Celebrity Hair Image Makeover.

WIG CARE ( our wigs only )

Wig drop off services. Cleaning, Wash, Set and Style. Cutting, Trimming and Thinning. Revitalize and Conditioning ~ remove frizz or reviving curls. Fitting adjustments, adding or removing clips and ventilation.


What brings us the greatest amount of happiness is knowing that we can bring a smile to our clients’ faces- no matter what they are going through. We cannot express how grateful we are that our clients recognize us with such kindness ! See what they have to say below!

From Sunita (19.1.2019 )

To Ms Hazel and Mr David Shaw.
They are very professional and also very kind. I had an awesome experience. Highly satisfied with their services and their work. There are many reasons why people are looking for hairstyles, whether their choice is to choose for a simply hairstyle, related to hair loss, hair do occasion or maybe for events. Mr David Shaw is an expert and he can suggest in choosing different types of hairstyle from both human hair and synthetic hair to customer choices (including hair
colours). I found the right place.
Best wishes and Happy New Year to both of you guys

From Sonia Chronowska

I've never felt so good before in my life. ❤️
It's only the first day, but the moment I put the wig on I smiled at my look in the mirror and haven't stopped yet. The second I entered home I was jumping around my room. 😆!
Finally I have the confidence to believe that I can pass for who I am. 🙂 The hair made all the difference that make up or clothes couldn't make. It feels and looks natural and is in good style. I owe this to David. ☺️ Thank you for your hard work in helping people feel comfortable in their bodies. Wether it's chemo or something else, you help us love ourselves ,not only with your work but also with your open mind and encouragement. 🙂
PS. Thank you Hazel for booking the appointment for me.

From Lim Kwan Yin

Ms Lim who is a cancer survivor. She is very grateful and excited with her new look in wig , and here she shared her beautiful moments with us. Good Luck and may god blessed you as always Ms Lim.

From Asmaliza Romlee (27.7.2018)

I got a half wig for my wedding and I must say that I love my hair more than my wedding dress! David Shaw, you are a truly THE Wig Master!

From Artist

Alicia Amin transformation in wig

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