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Wigs Tangling problem? Useful tips to get Smoother & Tangle- Free Hair 

Whether you wear you wig every day or just on a special occasion, human hair wigs can often end up in knots, much like our own real hair. Many are facing wigs or weaves tangle and mat ! We all knows anything from wind and rain can cause real hair wigs tangle and Here we are sharing some top tips to archive a flawless hair !

1. The Right Tool -Wig Comb & Brushes

By using a Right Comb you won’t tear or damage the wig fiber and remove tangles much more easier and smoother. Often the wide-tooth bristles to give evenly disperse pressure and prevent unnecessary strain on the wig.Check on any larger knots and try detangle gently with your fingertips. Slowly work your way up from the bottom of the hair and gently move upwards to the top.

2. Pick a quality Detangling Spray/Cream

Using products that specifically designed for wigs is one of the choice of protecting your wig. Purchasing a good quality detangling spray designed for human hair wigs is the best way to get quick fix solution to silky smooth hair.

3. Do not sleep in Wig

We do not recommend sleeping in wig. The friction against your pillow can cause the wig to tangle and mat. Let your hair-scalps breath and make yourself comfortable while sleeping.

4. Gentle way to Wash your wig

Before shampooing, gently brush your wig with a detangling comb to ensure there are no knots and tangles before washing.  Prepare a sink with water , put in around a tablespoon wig shampoo to the sink . Immerse the wig in the water and generate sufficient soap foam by stirring. Run your fingers along the inside of the wig cap to remove excess oils and sweats. Gently comb the wig with your fingers from top to bottom. Next, Rinse the wig with running cold water in a separate bowl or sink of cold clean water. Repeatedly rinsing away the soup . Gently blot with dry tower.

5. Wig Condition / Essential/ Serum

After shampooing, apply a small amount of wig conditioner onto your finger tips and work it though your wig gently for  few minutes. Do avoid the wig cap area especially the hand-tied wigs as it can loosen the knotted design and caused hair loss. Wash and rinse the same way .

Alternatively , you can purchase a special care wig serum , leave in 2 minutes , rinse and wash and then blow with hairdryer for just 1 minute , the mild heat is to allow the wig to absorb the serum, after all rinse with clean water, pat & blot it gently with dry tower. Do not scrub the wig! And Do not comb while the wig is wet. Place your wig on the wig stand and let it dry  naturally.

6. Dry

We recommend a naturally air-dry method instead of using a hair-blower , as the intense heat could damage the fibers of the wigs and this can cause the lifespan of your wig lessened significantly.  So is always good to have at-least 2 Wigs while waiting the other one to get dry. Gently shake your wig and work the hair with your fingertips before you start styling !

7. Wig Styling

You can use any styling products or product that special designed for wig styling  that helps you to hold your hairstyle. If for a complete restyling you may need to consult an experienced wig master or a professional stylist who can offer advice. This is one of our favorite product that can strong hold the hairstyle !

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