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Human hair Wigs vs Synthetic Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs   vs   Synthetic Hair Wigs

Understanding the differences between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs is a good starting point for selecting the perfect wig. Choosing between human hair and synthetic hair is one of the most important decisions you will make when selecting a wig.










  1. Natural Look. Human hair wigs feel great and can look incredibly natural. Natural hair wigs are created from harvested human hair, so they look, feel and act just like your own real hair.
  2. Styling Versatility. A 100% natural human hair wigs allowed to  a)Wash   b).Cut  c) Blow  d) Perm e)Dye color
  3. Styled with flat iron or heat iron just like your own hair! Keep in mind that it is important to take your wig to a stylist who is experienced in dealing with human hair wigs if you wish to alter the style.
  4. Texture – Human hair wigs come in a variety of textures, so you can match your own hair texture very closely.
  5. Longevity – With proper care, human hair wigs can last a year or more when worn daily.You still must care well for the wig and use the appropriate aftercare products
  6. Confidence- Many wearers will have more confidence when the hair looks natural just like own hair.
  7. Comfort- Human hair is so much cooler than synthetic hair. Example like mono top and fully hand tied cap. (These are my favourite cap constructions, despite the hair type). It is lovely to have that and to feel it cooler too!
  8. Tangling problem – In my experience, the longer human hair wigs are less prone to tangle than their synthetic variants.



  1. High Maintenance. Just like real hair, human hair wigs need to be washed, deep-conditioned and re-styled frequently.
  2. Cost – Because they are harvested from human hair, they are typically more expensive.
  3. Color Variation. It is difficult to replicate an exact color when you replace a human hair wig or wish to purchase a back up of the same style. Human hair wigs of the same color will vary slightly from wig to wig because each wig contains hair harvested from multiple people.
  4. Reacts to Weather. Like your own hair would, human hair wigs react to the weather and can become frizzy, limp or dry depending on the weather.
  5. Color Fading. The color of a human hair wig will oxidize or fade with exposure to light.
  6. Fragile- The hair will incur damage if subjected to harsh brushing, back-combing or overuse of heated styling tools, get frizzy & dry like our own hair when there is no proper care.
  7. Labor Styling– Human hair wigs are more labor intensive and require more effort and skill to style.











  1. Easy Care. Synthetic wigs are easy to take care of. Because synthetic wigs have something called “style retention,” they never have to be styled. You simply wash, dry and then shake them out, and the wig will return to its initial style.
  2. Style Memory. Synthetic wigs hold their style regardless of the weather.
  3. Versatile – You can buy some higher quality synthetic which is heat resistant synthetic wigs. Usually under a certain heat degrees you can have a minor change of hair style like to light curl the hair.
  4. Large Color Selection. The sky is the limit where colors are concerned. You can choose from an array of natural colors, as well as several fantasy colors.
  5. Cost –Synthetic wigs are relatively inexpensive compare to natural human hair.
  6. Low Maintenance. They require very little maintenance. This is important to consider if you are experiencing health issues and not feeling well.
  7. Natural Looking. If purchasing a high quality you can buy some heat resistant synthetic wigs. it is very difficult to tell the difference between a synthetic wig and one made from real human hair. With a high quality synthetic will also cost like human hair wigs or even higher price.



  1. Shine- Some economy or budget synthetic wigs (typically those under RM200) may have an unnatural shine.
  2. Fake & Artificial. Some economy or budget synthetic wigs can look very unnatural. It will affect the confidence of the wearer.
  3. Comfort-I find synthetics hotter to wear than human hair. It believe not only the hair material, its also caused by the inner cap construction
  4. Longevity. Synthetic wigs and toppers do not last as long as human hair wigs. They typically last about 4-6 months with daily wear.
  5. Less Versatility. Synthetic wigs cannot be straightened or curled with heated styling tools unless it is a specifically designed “heat friendly” synthetic wig- but definitely not high heat temperature. This will needs extra cautions while using the heated styling tools.
  6. Cannot Change Color. Recoloring is not recommended for synthetic wigs and traditional hair color will not adhere to the fibers.
  7. No Restyling. Since synthetic is “style retention” and therefore never have to be styled and NO RESTYLING is allowed. It’s made by chemical synthesis a textile of fibre. Styles & Colour are usually         “ locked” !
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