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Hair Menu a unique wig boutique offers Hope & Confidence. Founded by David Shaw.

We personalised wigs to women/men who facing medical hair loss. No matter what causes your hair loss, whether it’s result of chemotherapy, alopecia or medications. During this difficult time, wearing a wig it’s so vital to his or her recovery, it helps to restore he/her self-esteem and confidence immediately.

And we’re here to help you to customize a Wig that look like Your Old Self again !

Fashion Wigs for fashion runway.

Cosplay Wigs of Cartoon Characters.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement System (toupee) for men.

Professional Hair Do & Styling for Celebrities , Artist, Dancers, Bridal & Personal Grooming.

Custom Wigs / Hair Piece  for hair sickness customer like alopecia or hair loss customer.

Drag & Character Wigs for Commercial, Stage Show, Film, Musical & Theatre.

Medical Wigs  for cancer patients who undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


“ A Wig is like another Ray of Hope ”