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Hair Menu a unique wig boutique offers Hope & Confidence. Founded by David Shaw.

We personalized wigs to women who facing medical hair loss. No matter what causes your hair loss, whether it’s result of chemotherapy, alopecia or medications. During this difficult time, wearing a wig it’s so vital to his or her recovery, it helps to regain her self-esteem and confidence.

And we’re here to help you to customize a Wig that look like Your Old Self again !

Fashion Wigs for fashion runway.

Cosplay Wigs of Cartoon Characters.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement System (toupee) for men.

Drag & Character Wigs for Commercial, Showcase, Film & Theatre.

Professional Hair Do & Styling for Celebrities & Personal Grooming.

Medical Wigs & Custom Wigs for hair loss or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


“ A Wig is like another Ray of Hope ”