Medical Wigs

We know, for a lot of people, loosing their hair feels like losing their identity and their anonymity, they are uncovered as a sick person.

At Hair Menu Wigs, we have the experience and caring sensitivity to help each our clients who come to us looking for personal , private and confidential hair loss solutions and also encourage anyone looking to undergo treatment to come to visit us first.

Wearing a wig not only boosts a cancer patient’s confidence, it can help them retain a sense of normality during their treatment. We have free consultation to match a wig or hairpiece to our client’s existing hair. This provide great peace of mind , and a friendly supportive environment that is always available to help you through. So looking at the mirror does not have to be constant reminder of your illness because custom made.

We are committed to discreet, professional client care. We invite you to book private , no-obligation consultation with our on-site wig specialist and discover your own perfect hair solution.

At Hair Menu Wigs we are concerned with the physical & psychological well being for all customers . We’ll show you how much it looks real and great on you just like before !

You may contact us at +6012-6363292 (via whatsapp)

or to schedule

your FREE private consultation & wigs fitting .


Wigs are now fabulously advanced, comfortable and natural looking,

its just look like it’s growing out from your own hair scalps !